When thinking of grilling, many people just go out and buy the first bbq grill they see. Then when it does not meet their needs, they give up grilling altogether and miss the joy and pleasure that go along with this art.

In this article I will show you exactly how to pick the bbq grill that’s right for you. Let’s jump right in.

First, you need to consider the cooking source. Do you want charcoal, propane, natural gas or perhaps a smoker? These all have their pros and cons. Let’s go over each type of bbq grill.

The charcoal grill is very portable. It’s good for the tailgate parties and picnics at the park. It is also one of the least expensive bbq grills.Just be sure to dispose properly of the used briquettes. You may also find charcoal grills at public parks near the picnic tables. Just don’t forget to bring your own briquettes!

The propane grills can also be very portable if you have a small tank. It burns very clean and propane also burns hotter than the other types of barbecue grills. It is more expensive than the charcoal grills, but many come with a side burner that adds to the value.

The natural gas barbecue grill is the most expensive and is not portable, because it needs to be hooked up to the gas line of your house. These bbq grills can also be large enough to cook the entire meal, that is, vegetables, fish and meat, at one time.

A smoker is very good if you are focusing on the flavor of your meat. You will be using different types of wood, depending on the flavor you want to permeate the meat. This type of grilling is also quite a bit slower than the other types, so you might want to think about that if you are only grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, as opposed to steaks.

You will also want to consider the size. Just remember that the bigger the grill, the more you will have to clean afterwards..

In conclusion, you can see that there are many types of bbq grills to choose from. And careful consideration of the factors of portability, cost and size will determine the best bbq grill for you.

Good luck.

WARNING: Once you experience the joy, satisfaction and admiration of all your neighbors and friends, you just might become addicted to the joy of grilling!