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Buying The Best Indoor Grill

If you enjoy grilled food, but don’t want to have to worry about the weather every time you have something special planned, then perhaps you should consider getting an indoor grill. Anything you can grill on a regular outdoor model can also be grilled indoors. With that said, indoor grills vary greatly in quality, as well as shape, size, and price. So it really is important to learn to distinguish between what is good and what isn’t before you begin shopping for a new indoor grill.

Open grills typically offer the largest cooking surface. These are similar to traditional grills. As the name implies, these type of grills are open and usually contain with a plastic cover in order to prevent splattering. The cooking element in the grill is heated using electricity which cooks the food evenly. Once the cooking process starts, grease runs down into a small pan that is situated below the grill.

Two sided grills are more popular today than ever before. Due to the success of the George Foreman grill, everyone knows what these look like. They have dual cooking surfaces that allow for food to cook on both sides. This helps to promote even cooking as well as drastically reduce cooking time. These units also come with a grease basin and the unit itself is usually built at an angle in order so that the grease can run down more easily and be caught.

So what are the difference between these two type of grills? Well, here are some things to consider:

Two sided grills are manufactured to cook thin burgers, pieces of boneless chicken, and tenderloin. They don’t work particularly well with thicker cuts of meat or meat that has the bone in them. With these, a quality open grill will do the trick.

As stated before, open grills offer a larger cooking surface. Because of this, they’re the best choice when having to cook for a large group of people such as for a party or a family get-together. Two-sided grills are smaller and more appropriate for singles or smaller families that don’t need a lot of cooking space.

Obviously, you should choose the grill that best suits the needs of your family. Both do a great job and are easy to learn how to use. All that you really need to do is plug it in and adjust the thermostat to the desired cooking temperature or level. After that, it is just a matter of adding the food that’s to be grilled and watching while the indoor grill does its thing.

When Outside Isn't an Option – Indoor Grilling

When the weather is gorgeous outside, having family & friends over for a delicious barbecue party sounds great, right? Most people prefer grilling outside during the nice weather. But, what if outside isn’t an option due to bad weather or whatever the reason is?

This is where indoor grilling comes into play. Indoor Grilling is becoming more popular every year in the United States. Because indoor grilling is easy, affordable, and you can grill all year around without worrying about the weather.

Most prefer electric grills because they are easy to setup and clean. Most electric grills are dishwasher safe. You can simply remove the plates, and wash them in a dishwasher after a delicious home cooked grill. In general indoor grills can be categorized as contact grills & open grills.

Contact or Open Grill

Contact grills are two sided, therefore cooking faster than open grills, and you don’t need to flip the food. Contact grills can also cook paninis, appetizers, and whatever else you can think of.

Open grills don’t have the top plate, some of them come with a lid, and some of them don’t. Similar to outdoor barbecue grills, they require you to flip the food to evenly cook both sides. If you get an open one, we’d recommend getting one with a lid on. This way, the lid will keep the steam within the grill and make the food cook evenly. You can even cook a whole chicken with an open grill which has a lid.

How to Start Grilling Indoors

  • Purchase an indoor grill of your like. We’d highly recommend an electric contact grill.
  • Use your favorite barbecue recipe.
  • And simply put the prepared food on the indoor grill, adjust the heat level and start grilling.

It is as simple as this. No need to worry about lighting the charcoal, or changing the gas tank like you do outside. If you haven’t tried indoor grilling, it’s your chance now. Enjoy delicious meals with your indoor grill. Bon Appetite!

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