A grill can be an expensive investment. You can go with grills that are around twenty dollars all the way up to grills that cost four hundred or more. The grills range from gas to charcoal and even infrared cooking. One way to protect that investment is to us a Weber charbroil grill cover. This will help to stop the elements from wreaking havoc on your grill.

Choosing the right cover starts with finding out what type of grill you have or will have. There are many different types and sizes of covers to choose from. They will help to protect your grill and to prolong its life.

Take a look at a gas grill. These are some of the most expensive grills on the market. One of the covers you can buy is a premium cover for a Genesis E and S series grills. These have a fitted center and long sides to cover the entire grill. These range in cost for forty five to fifty five dollars each. Another set of covers belong to the Spirit series two hundred and three hundred grill.

The charcoal grill covers are a little bit cheaper. They can range from twenty to forty dollars a piece. One of these is the premium twenty two and a half inch cover. This black cover will help to blend in with your backyard decor. Another one for the charcoal grills is the performer grill cover. This is a full length, heavy duty fabric to protect your performer series grills.

One may not realize the damage that not covering your grill can do. Water from rain or dew can cause problems if left in and around the grill. Making sure to block the moisture from getting in is one way to help prolong your grill life. Another problem you may face is outside critters getting into your grill. A grill also helps to cover your utensils and keep everything clean.

Some grill covers are made with vents in them. This helps on keeping the moisture down. You need to make sure you have a nice, heavy weighted cover to keep these problems at bay. You need to consider the environment that you live in as well. If you live in a mild area where weather changes are slight, all you will need is a light cover. If you can have extreme shifts in temperature then you will need a heavier cloth cover.

Most times the grill covers come in black. You can occasionally find other color options like tan. Some people do not like the fact that most grill covers will show the pollen during the spring on them or other dirt and dust. You should be able to wash this off but some people think it is unsightly.

Finding the right grill is very important to prolonging your grills lifetime. You can save yourself from having to buy a new grill sooner if you keep it protected. The elements can cause damage to the grill that will have you replacing parts or even the grill itself. Remember to measure your grill and add some room around it to find the right cover for your grill.