120504aleleCatfish is not only food that can be enjoyed with fried or grilled. In the creative hands of the mothers in Sawahan Lor, Wedomartani, Sleman, Yogyakarta Special Region, Catfish being pretty delicious meals such as satay, Balado, catfish salad, nuggets, until tengkleng.

Catfish dishes made ​​from it is the result of various processed catfish race in the village. Previously, the number of participants in the group yangterbagi busy processing catfish, ranging from splitting, seasoning, fry, bake or boil using a furnace, to prepare a variety of decorations to beautify the look.

Not only the group of mothers, the race was followed by a number of men who represent the combined groups of farmers or local gakpotan. In the competition, each group consisting of three people are given the freedom to cook catfish based foods that suit their creativity.

After the specified time is over, it’s a variety of different processed ready to be served. Although relatively new menu, taste the dishes served was very delicious and equally with similar cuisine with meat ingredients.

The competition was held as a form of concern about the low level of fish consumption among the people of Indonesia, especially among children. In fact, besides the price is cheap, fish is also very beneficial and highly nutritious.